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Sharpe Equity Reports Service Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new Sharpe Capital content product — Sharpe Equity Reports.

Sharpe’s Market Analyst, Max Thornton, has compiled a series of monthly Equity Reports focusing on specific industry sectors and stocks.

These reports include highlights from Q2 earnings reports, including Sharpe’s take on the results and our expectations looking forward. The information within these reports is purely for informational purposes, and does not constitute financial advice.

Sharpe Capital Equity Reports

We have compiled these reports to grow and share our investment knowledge. The research and remarks on each report assist the Sharpe team to make informed decisions when considering the stocks and trades for the Sharpe investment portfolio.

The Equity Reports will be hosted and updated on the Sharpe Capital website for everyone to read and use. If you are signed up to receive our newsletter, you will receive direct access to the these reports.

Example of a Sharpe Capital Equity Report

You can access our latest Equity reports here:

Enjoy reading our first report. If you have any questions or queries about the information, please connect with us on one of our social channels or Telegram.

Please note, in order to read all the reports, you will need to subscribe to our monthly Sharpe update. You can sign up in one step, here.

Talk to the Team

The best place to reach out to the Sharpe team is through Telegram, at Alternatively, please feel free to email us at

Get Sharpe Centuri

You can use the Centuri alpha at

How Can I Buy SHP?

We recommend purchasing SHP using the Bancor Protocol, requiring just 5 clicks! SHP is also available through IDEX, ForkDelta and Liquid.

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