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#BlackFriday Sales Extend To Crypto

The gods of crypto are showing some compassion this thanksgiving weekend, with Black Friday sales being extended to even the most popular coins.


This is the chance for all new buyers to get a chance to buy some crypto while supplies last.

This downtrend is a manifestation of market manipulation at its finest, as price pushes send the coins to some of the lowest prices in years.


As mentioned in some of our former analysis pieces, this is all a larger agenda of allowing for high volume buys at cheap prices using fiat.


Take the ETH (Ethereum) Charts as an example (these are subject to criticism, since the USD markets could either be in a buy or sell) position, but the majority of volume on these markets is in the USd/ETH markets, suggesting that it would be possible for large scale investors to acquire a huge supply of the coins at a lower than average trading price.

By pushing Bitcoin price lower, all coin prices are reduced by virtue of their pairing to BTC, which is the standard price model against USD, thus, the USD price falls, and allows fiat buyers who are just entering the crypto space an opportunity to experience what many people are referring to as a Black Friday Deal!!!

You can see in the image above, that ETH has only dropped a mere .66% against the BTC pair, while dropping 9% in USD price, which is due to the devaluation in BTC.  This strategy has dropped ETH from a price of $175.00 USD on 11/17/2018 to its current $141.00 USD, or $35.00 per coin.

When looking at the major pairs, it is clear that USD is buying (hypothetically) ETH at this discounted price….as they are the major volume pairs in the indices.

So if you want to get some cheap crypto, pony up some cash and head to your favorite exchange to buy some of these amazing coins while you can at discounted prices.


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