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BTC Q3 Monthly Rolling Average around $6500

Unlike last year’s Bull Run in 2017, Bitcoin has pretty much been steady in Q3, Q4, 2018, hovering around the $6500 price point.


There are tons of speculations as to why this is happening, but for the most part, it helps add stability to a variety of external markets which Bitcoin influences.


During last year’s uptrend in late 2017, many other markets saw an increase in value, particularly Marijuana Stocks, Real Estate, and many other industries.  While it is unfair to peg the value of Bitcoin to other industries at this time, it will definitely be something to compare in the future.


In fact, there are already many sites dedicated to comparing the indices of Bitcoin to that of other coins, assets, exchanges, and one thing is certain, the fintech economy is growing.


What is surprising about the growth of Fintech, is that while the industry has expanded tremendously, there has been little increase in Bitcoin value in comparison.


Some say the correction may be around the corner, and that the price will be sure to improve, while others say that competing technologies and new coins will eventually take over the markets.


It is really to early to say anything, but the people who were preaching that BTC would hit 100k in 2018 only have less than a couple months to see if their prediction comes true.


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