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Bleutrade Lists #TeenCoin

Teen Coin officially launched on Bleutrade on October 21, 2018, after a small delay.  The extra day gave investors a chance to work with the Bleutrade Devs to get the new coin listed along with its pairing, HTMLCOIN, which is the blockchain on which Teen Coin is based upon.  The blockchain itself is based on the Bitcoin core, but has been adapted to allow for faster transaction times.


There are 13.5 Billion Teen Coins (Max Supply), of which 2.35 Billion have been allocated to Bleutrade to sell to investors of all ages, with the current trading price at .000022 USD.

In the works for Teen Coin is a partnership with FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, where Teen Coin will sponsor youth projects.

Other projects include the partnership, and other hands-on projects across the globe, with larger development projects in the works for hospitality, gaming, and education.


“Teen Coin is limitless with its possibilities, and when the Youth of Today embrace it as a coin of choice, there will be no stopping it.”


The price of the coin is highly affordable, trading at an average price of .17 HTML per Teen on October 22.


Teen Coin is also set to be enabled for trading on the HTML Bunker Exchange later in the week, and open to Public Trading on the Bunker in November.


read more about the project here.

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