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Cfinex Exchange Says Goodbye, Closes

After four years, and a very meaningful run, the Alcurex Exchange (Cfinex Exchange) is closing it’s doors.


Many long-term traders were saddened by the announcement, which came from Halibit.


When asked about the decision by Bit Who, Halibit commented:


“I just take week and thinking what I need to do to get Cfinex running and I find that I have no power to do that.
So, I decide not to continue… and because there is no anyone (trusted) person who can continue Cfinex without me… I need shut it down.”


MMA was upset about the decision after investing much into the Cfinex shares over the years.


Coin Currency News was happy to have a contingency plan in place for their NEWS shares, but there are many other projects like Casino Coin, and other projects that haven’t made any announcements about their plans for a new exchange.


The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, especially since the Exchange was gearing up for a marketing campaign on Bitcoin Talk, and had other campaigns in the works, including the new interface and layout.  It seemed like it was just starting to become more popular.


Alcurex was one of the first exchanges back in the day that catered to individual customer needs, with a focus on specialty trading and even project stocks, which is where Coin Currency News got it’s first start as a news share back in 2014.

“We have always worked closely with Alcurex (Cfinex) to help grow the exchange, and it has been an extension of our business for as long as I can remember.” said Coin Currency News.


We hope that Halibit’s brilliance continues into something new, and we look forward to working with all the fun, exciting, and interesting people we met along the way.



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