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This Week in Executive News

Here’s a recap of the hottest trending stories in business technology, with an added bit of Intel perspective.

Digital transformation happens when leaders advocate for it; they need to set the tone for change and evolution inside their organization. Cloud computing is also changing the tone of how we work and relate to each other, and any company that wants to keep up in that world has to find a way to be data-driven. Intel CIO Paula Tolliver talks about what’s driven her through her career, and analytics are driving real results across a variety of industries.

Source: ZDNet

Digital Transformation Needs to Come From the Top

We’ve all been there. You’re standing around with a group of friends and everyone’s hungry. You don’t know whether to go out or get delivery or whether you want pizza or maybe Thai food or burritos and someone needs to do something and say, “We’re going out for sushi!” Likewise, IT decision-makers need to create a climate of transformation, shape expectations, and do their part to feed, er, drive their organization.

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Source: Forbes

The Inextricable Link Between Cloud Technology and the New, Untethered Workforce

Books changed everything. People were able to write stuff down and then you didn’t have to spend hours memorizing “The Iliad.” You could just carry a scroll and, hey, stuff was still there. Storage technology isn’t just a handy place to put information; it also changes us and how we relate to information and each other. Cloud computing isn’t just changing business; it’s changing us.

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Source: Datamation

How to Create a Data Integration Strategy

Actors love asking, “What’s my motivation?” What drives a character? Is it ambition? Altruism? The insatiable thirst for revenge? Just like actors, companies need to find out what drives their behavior, and more and more organizations want to be data-driven. To truly find their motivation and be compellingly driven by data, companies have to ask themselves a few questions about who they are.

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Source: Namely

Intel’s Paula Tolliver on Leadership in Tech

While it might technically be possible to fall backwards into success, don’t bet on that. You have to hustle, network, and try to actively grow your career. Intel CIO Paula Tolliver has been doing exactly that with her experience at both Intel and the Dow Chemical Company, and has advice on how tech professionals can make themselves in-demand in a crowded marketplace.

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Source: Intel IT Peer Network

Create Real-Time Business Value With Advanced Analytics

Plenty of people who work in tech do it because they like weird math problems and logistical challenges. However, plenty of us don’t do this just for abstract academic reasons: We want results. Analytics is providing tangible benefits. It’s making healthcare more efficient, bolstering security, and helping organizations deliver stuff faster. As fascinating as the math is, the results are what truly matter.

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