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Intel Executive News, Sept. 28, 2018

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This Week in Executive News

Here’s a recap of the hottest trending stories in business technology, with an added bit of Intel perspective.

CIOs are becoming more important to overall business strategy, and that’s bringing them out of the back rooms and into more of a leadership role. Alibaba and Intel have announced a new partnership dedicated to transformation, and executives can now know more about supply chains than ever before thanks to the IoT and analytics. Meanwhile, Intel’s General Manager for Digital Transformation & Scale Solutions gets into how humans interact with data and information.

Source: Information Age

Why the CIO Has to Be a “Little Bit of Everything” and Focus on the Business

As cool as it was, the tyrannosaurus rex didn’t have a lot going on. Tiny arms, big mouth, and that was mostly it. Birds, on the other hand, can say “not today, gravity” and take flight. CIOs today are no longer confined to the back end of business. Much in the way that theropods decided that the sky was a cool place to hang out, CIOs now are all about using technology to differentiate business from the competition.

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Source: Forbes

The CIO’s New Mission: Change Agent

CIOs’ new mission, should they choose to accept it, is to contribute to corporate strategy and leadership. This mission is perilous, but of vital importance. It will take CIOs far beyond the familiar territory of technical expertise and into advocacy for new technology, supplementing technical know-how with soft skills. Everyone is depending on them, and it’s time to show that this mission is far from impossible.

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Source: Intel IT Peer Network

Alibaba and Intel: Forging the Future of the Data-Centric Enterprise

The Alibaba group has said “open sesame” to a partnership with Intel. Aibaba’s platform enables data sharing and industry transformation. To do that, though, Alibaba needed to transform itself into a data-centric enterprise. That evolution, which Intel is a major part of, could lead to wonders even more considerable than what was in the cave of the forty thieves.

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Source: Forbes

Cover Your Assets: The Rise of the Super-Intelligent Supply Chain

Supply chains were once domains of darkness. Where was a thing? How long would it take to get somewhere? What if the thing was lost because of natural disasters or thieving magpies? There was no way to know. Now thanks to IoT technology and analytics, it’s possible to know not only where a thing is, but where it’s going to be, which sheds a whole lot of light on what used to be a black box.

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Source: Intel Chip Chat

Creating a Data Culture in Your Enterprise

Data is like Legos. Having lots of them is great, but they need to be organized. Just having a big bin of data (or Legos) isn’t as useful as sorting bricks by color, shape, or size. Having a strategy, understanding where things are, and knowing what data (or Legos) you need is essential to build your business—or to create that cool Lego spaceship you’ve been wanting to build.

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