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News Token Pool

NETP Syndication Program Overview

First, any news station, blog, or influencer can become a member of the News Token Pool by completing this form. 

  • Any member of the News Token Pool Network can then pay other members 10,000 NETP to publish a press release across their site (Acceptance is at the discretion of the publishing site), however we have a list of full-acceptance sites where publications can go to ensure full outreach.

  • Non-members, such as advertisers, or businesses looking to do a press release, can select the sites they want to advertise on for 10,000 NETP, which is a considerable savings against traditional ad prices.

Added benefits of the Syndication Program:

The syndication program creates an opportunity for news sites to increase their sales outreach by providing a larger portfolio of sites to offer clients.  Thus, sales people can use the NETP coin as a means to increase sales revenue by charging traditional fees, and sourcing syndicated press releases to the network in the form of NETP.

News Sites may also want to publish on the NETP network to increase their own position in the news industry, as well as gain valuable backlinking exposure.

As the news token pool network continues to grow, early adopters will see the value of integrating NETP as a form of payment for their freelancers, and contributors, and are encouraged to promote the adoption of the coin across their network.  In doing so, they increase their own position within the larger News Media ecosystem as an early adopter of NETP.  As the network grows, so will the value of the NETP coin, as well as the value of the sites because of an increased cost to syndicate news publications.

In the early months following NETP, the price will be much lower than traditional advertising costs, and will be a good time for news sites to stock up on the coins, as well as a good opportunity to use NETP to syndicate stories.

To ensure that there are an adequate number of syndication possibilities, since some sites might refuse an offer until the value of NETP is higher, we have dedicated the following News Media sites to the Syndication Program.







In the future, we will have an area where clients, and partners, can select the sites they want to advertise on, and submit their article to be put in queue for publishing to help automate the process.

Payment is then sent to the NETP Pool, where members of the network who agree to the syndication are then paid their share.



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