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Market Volatility Continues Into October, 2018

If anyone thought investing in Bitcoins and Altcoins would be a smooth sail, the recent market volatility would be sure to prove them wrong.


After a recent upsurge, the market are once again the red, signalling that volatility is the name of the game.



Even with all the volatility, it hasn’t prevented new coins, and new exchanges from emerging, adding increasingly new opportunities for investors to get involved.


Let’s do quick recap on the current situation:



As you can see, the number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow each day, as well as the number of markets and exchanges.

This just goes to show that even though prices are in a downpush, the ecosystem continues to enhance itself and develop.


Therefore, in the long-term, it is likely that prices will increase as a general rule of thumb.  For now, it is just about buying, selling, and trading, and finding an investment strategy that works for you.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we explore options on how to create an investment strategy and begin a new era at Coin Currency News by engaging in Video News!!!


Stay Tuned!

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