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Elastos Reaches the Elephant Consensus

After announcing a merged mining partnership with Bitmain, and releasing the Elastos OS, and estalbishing the Cyber Republic, and taking over the Chinese TV Box Markets, Elastos has basically secured it’s future to become the next Bitcoin.


With it’s most recent announcement, The Elephant Consensus, the Trinity project in Thailand is well underway:


“In a general computing sense, the current problem for Ethereum, as described in the first Elastos whitepaper, is that its public chain is not equipped with data storage or computational space. Instead, the Ethereum public chain is only used for the transfer of payments and the programmability of smart contract executions based on some logic. Therefore, the DApps on Ethereum can strictly be called smart contracts DApps, as the data storage and computational logic of apps are not handled by the public chain. Because of this, it is impossible to independently support the decentralized app environment that users see daily. Although the Ethereum blockchain can have provenance for data content generated by users daily, it is unable to protect against its plagiarism, thus making the content unable to truly produce value. This means that while the ownership and management of digital assets such as movies, music, and other large files can be recorded on the blockchain and be secured by the immutability of the records, the content themselves are not protected by the blockchain thus making it hard to prevent piracy and plagiarism of data content produced by the users on a daily basis.”


So why is the ELA price so low?  With all of it’s projects and development, the coin should be closer to $545.00, not the $8.00 trading range it has been sitting around for the past couple weeks.

You can bet this coin is going to see some major volume in the next few weeks, and months, as it increases its global expansion.


With meetups coming in Australia on the 21st, and just wrapping up meetings in Boston and D.C., this group is not afraid to let it’s technology plans be known.  The only people who are gonna be mad about this boat leaving port are those who sit on the sidelines and hesitate buying when all the pieces of the puzzle are right in front of them.


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