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@rados_io continues #ETC Dapps Expansion

Ethereum Classic continues to roll out expansions and developments, and it is only because of the innovative teams who are excelling the project in new directions.


One of the most notable in the DApps environment is the Rados Team, who also created the first Decentralized Ethereum Classic Exchange (DEX), where users can trade ETC in a decentral platform.  \

Rados also completed an ICO of their Saturn, and Saturn Classic Tokens, which are also sold on the DEX.


Ethereum Classic recently posted this tweet:



So what is the best way to get involved?

Right now, you can start learning how to create your own ETC Blockchain Token by following the Rados team on Twitter, and going to the approriate channel that best suits your interest.


They have gone the extra mile to compile a ton of information on how to become a successful developer, trader, and how to integrate ETC as a firstpick in blockchain DApps.



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