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#Yobit Holds #Dash Steady

It seems like while the rest of the markets are tanking, Yobit Exchange has made a stand to accumulate as much DASH as possible ahead of a possible world-wide financial revolution posed by the adoption of DASH as a currency replacement for traditional fiat.
Yobit exchange has always been known for it’s forward thinking, and strategic investment style, and it’s recent accumulation of over 7 million $ worth of DASH can only mean that some plans are in the works.  While other exchanges continues to volley markets into a downward spiral across the board, it seems like the resistance coming from Yobit may just be strong enough to turn the tide.
As everyone can see the downpush has been quite strong across the majority of the altcoins, which has presented a few opportunities for some coins to emerge as leaders.
From the resistance group, we have Waves, which has held it’s ground, as an independent coin, and DEX offering, it is somewhat resistant to the downpush efforts of larger manipulations.  We also see DASH, by virtue of Yobit’s counter-resistance, which would be coming from external buyers, and not the exchange itself, as a possible coin that will make ground if the other coins continue the downtrend.
It is tough to say where, when, or how these resilient coins will turn the tide, but one can bet that if, and when it happens, it will be noteworthy.
Stay tuned for more updates and DASH continues it’s international expansion efforts.

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