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While PundiX has been stunning everyone with their tongue twisting symbols, one thing that is going to put people further into submission is the price of NPXSXEM as it hits the markets today.
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Listing on HOTBIT, yes, not to be confused with HOTBUTT, it is starting to trend in the upward direction, with investors eagerly sending as much bitcoin and ether as possible to the exchange to buy the coin while since it was only made available just a few hours ago.

Following HOTBIT’s lead, is Kryptono, which listed the coin shortly after Hotbit.

This coin is very attractive because it can be used to buy things at the point of sale, in the store, and also traded. It is a perfect combination of NEM/XEN and Pundi X’s NPXS.

With the new NPXSXEM token, the supply has been decreased, the price will naturally move from a 40 satoshi position to that of a 4000 satoshi position based on the adoption metrics of the NEM and NPXS token supplies.

Furthered by the use-case facts and adoptions rates of NPXSXEM into the POS make it maybe one of the best, if not the best options for investment at this given hour.

Stay tuned on this token by watching the Coin Market Cap, or grab a $20 bill and jam it onto the markets to see if you can get a pair of Versace glasses.

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