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HTML Bunker Exchange Readies, Reports

The HTML Bunker Exchange has readied itself for launch, and recently submitted their progress report on duties and activities as it nears the date of launch for the dedicated HTML Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The exchange is slated to have more than 20 Top Altcoins and Currency options to choose from in trades, buys, sells, as well as a “Bunker Barn”, where tokens can be bought and sold.

This marks an innovative approach to cryptocurrency use and adoption, and is sure to become a leader in innovative practices leading into 2019.

Here is a summary of some of the latest results from the Bunker Team:

To all HTMLCoin & HTMLBunker Community , our activities report, updates and new improvements:

After our partnership with the HTMLCoin Foundation, the month of May was marked by the
creation of BUNK token contract in the HRC20 network and by solid strategic partnerships in the market. First, we have successfully partnered with one of the world’s largest law firms, Sette Câmara, Corrêa and Bastos Advogados Associados, which will assist us in all the legal, institutional and governmental procedures necessary for the correct and good operation of the brokerage firm and its partners, in accordance with current regulations. The contract was signed in July this year
between the partners of the office and the partners of HTMLBunker. We also carry out the necessary documentation for the opening of our official headquarters in Malta; we also verified physical spaces in Brazil for core and support installation; We define job scopes, brokerage fees, and features of restricted areas.


The user identification at the brokerage, KYC, is part of the good compliance rules and meets the legal control requirements, therefore, for non-token holders, which will be sold freely in any quantity after launch, the fee will be 2% if the customer does not perform document verification (KYC with valid documents). We want to discourage the presence of people who do not want to identify themselves and offer low limits to these avoiding the brokerage use by people of bad nature. For those who perform identification with valid documents, the fee for non-token holders but validated with KYC will be 1%. However, those who, in addition to validating their documents, possess Bunker tokens will have a 50% discount on this amount paying only 0.5% brokerage fee. In our roadmap we have the goal of reducing it every year until we reach 0.25% fee in 4 years of existence.
Note: Only the first 100 founding members remain for life with 0% brokerage fee and unrestricted access to the brokerage’s private area even if they sell their tokens in the book or trade with other altcoins.


In June we developed the Front End of the brokerage and internal screens, published on twitter recently. We began the first sales of the first 100 batches to the founding members of HTMLBunker. With a discreet campaign and only among the oldest members in social media, we have achieved almost 60% of the total of this phase. Some youtubers and crypto related portals have also been invited to help spread our news and communications, as well as volunteers and community hired members for social media management, video production and interface design functions.

ByeBnk Partnership . Back End [ Ripple Gateways – HTMLCoin – HRC20 Tokens – Altcoins ]

July was marked by a partnership between HTMLBunker and ByeBnk, partner of BMG Bank in Brazil, for the development of our brokerage “mother platform”, with all html, altcoins and bitcoins wallets infrastructure being managed by the Ripple Network, allowing integration with more than 43 different fiat currencies around the world. That’s right! 43 different fiat currencies can be accepted in HTMLBunker negotiations by opening up a range of possibilities to HTMLCoin’s Althash projects in various parts of the world using local currency. The strong and massive presence of HTMLBunker throughout the world, despite its development core, is one of the marketing strategies to be adopted for brand consolidation and reference in cryptocurrency brokerage in the coming months.
For strategic and business reasons, the former brokerage platform was replaced by the ByeBnk platform managing several wallets of different blockchains in a single auditable and public structure, allowing operations of up to 10,000 transactions per second and book fully registered publicly, becoming one of the only brokers to provide evidence as to the absence of any manipulation by the owners. This is in line with our proposal of total transparency and credibility in the community. In addition, our security will be further strengthened by keeping transactions secure through the Ripple Network TAG system by managing the core cold wallets of each currency within its own robust and secure framework already in use and tested by the world’s largest banks. For more info about ripple tecnnology: 016-0049.pdf

We can also cite another decisive factor: the liquidity facility at Ripple Network, no matter how many transactions are needed, it will always seek the fastest liquidity path in its entire network of interconnected gateways. This avoids stagnation of orders in projects that demand immediate liquidity (as in the case of taxi cabs and buses that accept crypto in Brazil). Although we work with the main fiat pairs of HTMLBunker (real dollar, euro and brazilian), it will be possible to convert 43 different international currencies into one of these 3 for operations within the brokerage.
Of this part we have pending: BackEnd / Setup of Cold Wallets and Integration to the Ripple Network. Restricted Area (Chat Bot, Arbitrage, Trade Signals, Courses)
From this week our developers will begin to publish daily the steps to complete in relation to the internal code of the brokerage house. Subscribe to our social networks at and

After defining together with former members of HTMLCoin , community members, core and market analysis of what features we will have in our brokerage house, we get the first suggestions from our most active members and we also get in touch with several CEOs of some Tokens created in our althash. To date we will have 3 HRC20 tokens listed pairing with HTMLCoin and BUNK, among them the News Token Pool NETP. We are also in the negotiation phase with the Khosmos token and 2 Brazilian projects related to the environment and health. If you want to list your HRC20 Token on Bunker, please contact with LISTING on title.

Developed, validated and tested we have until now :
– Complete user registration (KYC). Ripple network gateway, with trusted line established with some relevant players, such as Exchange BitStamp. – Desktop wallet to connect to the ByeBnk network and transact assets – Mobile portfolio under development – Platform for generating tokens and their connection to the Ripple network – Rippler Watcher (own solution) to monitor, verify and audit transactions on the Ripple network – API for complete payments, for mobile and web APPs, for payment in debit card, credit, ticket and any asset available in our network. – Network of customers connected through Byebnk technology, such as taxis, shopkeepers, hotel chain, among others, where you can pay for products and services through a range of fiats and cryptos coins, as well as other assets. Any Byebnk client (for payment solution only) can connect to our network and transact assets (be it money or crypto) between partners. Within our platform, assets can move at derisory rates and with immediate receipt (D + 0) – Charts of the assets ready, if desired – ByeBnk technology, along with integration into the Ripple network, allows the tokenization of any real asset, be it an ERC20 token, some crypto or another asset, that can be transacted in our network.

Under Development
– API for integration with current card machines, in order to deliver a complete solution (application and machine) to customers. – Possibility to make payment through the mobile application in any establishment, provided that only one of the tips has the application of Byebnk (be the establishment, connected in our network, or the user of the establishment, that can make payment in the traditional system ( card machine, for example) using our mobile application only) – Theme Integration developed for HTMLBunker – Creation of Administrative Modules – Development of the Restricted Access Area. – Beta Test

From this phase we have: Meeting with one of the most strategic Brazilian marketing and media companies to define a possible partnership with HTMLBunker (Name to be announced soon); Hiring the Support Team; Front End of the Administrative Module; To forward to the audit of the HTMLCoin Foundation the contracts signed up to the present moment;

Face recognition for login and withdrawals : Trueface KYC Identification : Blockscore / Ripple Network Support / Ticket Platform : Zendesk

Approximately 30% of the tokens available to founding members are already counted, so we ask the entire community to join in this final collective effort to promote HTMLBunker and appoint the old members of the HTMLCoin community to complete this step and launch the brokerage. Our goal is to guarantee all possible security to HTMLCoin users, from the products generated in their althash to constant liquidity for all projects involving our Althash. At the end of the sale of the last founding member, we will open the doors of the brokerage to these 100 members for beta test and approval. Our goal is to provide members of our community with what no other broker has provided to date: Respect, security and services that bring real benefits to users.

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