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Ethereum Classic Earmarked at $100 USD per coin

The anonymous group of billionaires secretly colluding to pump ETC to around the $100 USD mark was announced in a recent leak on the Ethereum Classic Telegram, where speculators were exposed to all sorts of heinous and blasphemic retorts.

The admin in the group was on coffee break when a fanatical user came in and started preaching hate speech amidst the conversations about price, when the discussions and speculations reached prices as high as $100 by month’s end.

The recent listing of Ethereum Classic on RobinHood, and Coinbase, make it one of the most sought after coins, especially in light of a mini-rally, where prices passed the $20 USD price point briefly, so whales could gobble up the lower priced supply while it was still available.

The recent downpush to $18 will allow Coinbase users to stock up on the ETC at a decent price, without having to pay slightly higher prices manipulated by strong Korean and Japanese investors looking to add more ETC to their coffers.

Telegram: Contact @ethclassic

Check out the telegram to see some of the latest chatter about ETC prices, but you can bet that even with the downpush to allow for Coinbase investors a chance to buy low, it can only remain below the $40 price point for so long before it takes on some growth spurts and grows wings, initiating a pattern similar to that of ETH when it moved from $20 to $200, and those who sold at $200 where buying back in at $300 and $400 as it moved up to $700.

This could easily be realized again with ETC, and you can bet that the people who made billions off ETH, are chomping at the bit to realize this opportunity again.

So when will it happen?

Soon my friend, very soon. (Less than 2 weeks).

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