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Ethereum Classic: No Signs Of Stopping #ETC

Ethereum Classic has been idling around the $15 to $20 USD price point for months, and there are many people thinking that this is about to change. One reason is because the ETC coin has been working on it’s smart contracts and token development enhancements with projects such as Saturn and Radex, but also, Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum.

Coinbase also stated that ETC inbound transfers will be available August 07.

While many newcomers to the industry think ETH is the first Ethereum Coin, the first Ethereum Coin was Ethereum Classic, and the current ETH is the forked version of ETC.

Now let’s consider ETC’s actions today as it is the clear winner for Saturday’s Markets.

First, the gains it is making is not going to stop any time soon, as it will continue to climb and as it does, more people will want to jump on the boat before it sails, and will cause an aggro style type of investment, that will push the coin to new heights.

In reality, the term #classiciscoming has been something that people have been talking about for years, and while the growth has been slow, the future is very bright for ETC, as it plans to work with Coinbase, Verizon, and many other businesses to power the Internet of Things.

Besides having tons of utility value, the ETC coin has also been slated as a top pick for retirement funds, hedge funds, and long term staking accounts, so you know what?

Classic Is Coming!!!

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