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Synchrolife Adds Synchrocoin Wallet to App

The world’s leading cryptocurrency restaurant food app has spent the past year working on their international outreach campaign, and now officially have their coin working in conjunction with a points system on their restaurant food rating APP.

If you don’t have this app, then you should download it from the play store now. It is developed in Japan and Asia mostly, but has international outreach so you can start earning free meals at your favorite restaurants by using your points and synchrocoins to pay for meals at participating restaurants.

While we are not experts in the cryptocurrency industry (cough, cough), this is definitely a project worth investing in because at the end of the day, you can use your coins to get nice meals and good food!

Some people who read the Synchrolife whitepaper said the coin is slated to be around $1 in value by mid 2019 as restaurants begin to buy the coin for marketing purposes to attract customers.

Wait for it……News Shareholders are eligible for a bonus on their holdings for more than just NETP!

As our loyal and long-term shareholders know, we have used our profits from coin trading to provide dividends and invest in ICOs, and finally one of our ICOs is coming to market: Synchrolife!

In May of 2017, we invested 8 Ethereum into the Synchrolife project, and now have 100,000 Synchrolife coins that will be coming to market soon.

We will be giving 50,000 of these coins to our top shareholders, and the remainder will be used to raise the NETP buy wall into the future.

On August 10, at the time of the NEWS Shares Holdings snapshot, anyone with more than 50,000 NEWS shares at the time of August 10 will receive 5,000 Synchrolife Coins as a bonus for their loyalty!

That could be a $5,000 bonus folks! Or, a whole bunch of tasty meals.

For now, just buy the NEWS shares, and after we do the Google Form, we will add an area where you can put your Synchrolife Wallet Address (ERC20), which can be sent directly to your Synchrolife App, or one of the crypto exchanges coming later this month, where the token is to be listed.

There is still time to buy NEWS Shares and get in on this amazing opportunity to become a shareholder in a very good looking project. It is estimated that there are only 3 shareholders (besides the development team) that have more than 50,000 NEWS shares.

Why Will Synchrolife Become A Top Coin?

Because it has an amazing interface and one of the best use cases and business models in the world….not to mention it was started in Japan, just like Bitcoin. 😉

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