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Bitcoin Legislation

Bitcoin’s Off To The Races

After two months of skipping up and down between 6 and 8 thousand, with the interval ranges being around $1000, going from 7500 to 6500, then back to 7500, and now up to 8400, there is a growing bull market over the past couple days, showing that Bitcoin has the Stamina to perform in all conditions.

Will it’s most recent run continue to the moon?

This is because the SEC has approved Coinbase and other exchanges to sell securities, or at least that is what people think, or what they are betting on.

For now, the news is good, and the price of Bitcoin is showing some surprising results moving into the end of July, as it begins it’s ascent into the second half of the year.

Some coins that were previously rising are rising in conjunction with the coin, but only in dollar value, and not necessarily in the Bitcoin value, as the Bitcoin value pair continues to be one of the most popular trading coins in the world.

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