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News Token Pool

NETP Distribution and Pricing Overview

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NEWS SHARES ON SALE UNTIL AUGUST 30, then converted to NETP at 5 to 1 ratio.

Bonus: Shareholders with more than 50,000 NEWS will receive 5,000 Synchrolife coins as bonus.

The conversional rate will be 1 NEWS gets 5 NETP, which will happen around September 01.

We will cross-check our results fromm Cfinex with the google form results and send NETP to shareholders wallets.

Shareholders can then buy, sell, trade to new investors on the new exchange.

Payout Allocations in September (Paid within a few days of listing on the Bunker)

29,000,000 NETP to existing shareholders from Cfinex based on split

Dippli: 100,000 NETP monthly for News/Development Partner Payout (August, September, October) (TL:300,000)

Marketbarker: 50,000 NETP monthly for News Partner Payout (August, September, October) (TL: 150,000)

QuanB: 10,000 NETP reward

Prasanth: 5,000 NETP Reward

Richard: 15,000 NETP Reward

Anthony: 20,000 NETP Reward 500,000 NETP for payment integration (October)

Aircoins Game: 500,000 NETP to increase outreach to Aircoin Game Users.


“Bringing the NETP coin to the Html Bunker is a major step for Html coin, which will receive international recognition as a fast and secure blockchain token service provider. The partnership with NETP and the Html Bunker exchange will be realized in the years to come as the Bunker grows its services and user-base in conjunction with the business development and growth of the News Token Pool Network.

NETP is dedicated to growing from a news and media service token by adopting new use-case models to become the premiere payment token of the future.”

    NETP ROM Rules:

Rise Only Market, sells are only allowed higher than current lowest sell.

-max sell order size: 10,000 NETP
-minimal step between new orders: .005 HTML
-sell orders go from 10 html to 500 html, whereupon ROM will be removed and unrestricted free market will apply.

View the example in the sheet:

    Value Added Standard:

Since NETP can be used to purchase advertising space, and press release openings on the independent news site partners of the News Token Pool Network, investors are able to get increased media exposure through the incremental price gains on the value of NETP; thus, while the price for a press release is $495, the price in NETP will be reduced as it grows in value.

    Altcoin Investors Securing a Stake On the News Token Pool Network

The NETP target audience is altcoins and ico-positioned coins that will want to create a long-term advertising and publishing partnership on the News Token Pool Network. By buying tokens early, they help raise the value of the network, thus effectively reducing their price of NETP required to advertise, and essentially increasing their ownership value in the network.

For example, in the future, if a NETP were $1, then it would be 495 NETP to use the News Token Pool Network instead of $495, so it makes sense for media investors to acquire their stake earlier in the adoption life cycle.

The NETP Pricing Standard (In-Depth Explanation)
The basis for the NETP Pricing Standard allows for business pricing standardization for business transactions based on the ROM model, which allows for smart contract reliability in pricing forecasts, where the “business development value” can rapidly increase based on the set values. The rise only market (ROM), is designed to provide valuation based on a gainsharing model that increases value through participatory speculation of the news token pool network. This also affords the utility of built-in network transaction costing, making NETP a champion as a formal business payment system. This pricing reliability and forecasted valuation allows for a verifiable price increase which can be attributed to network value, which is ultimately convertible back to the value of the “business development” variable.

In the case of NETP to HTML, the pricing will start at 10.005 HTML and move up in increments of .00500000 HTML per sell order. The pricing spread in this case is set using the parameters of price spreads of .005 per order, allowing for countless possibilities in order placement. This incremental pricing model allows for predictive modelling and ease of use in business pricing.

    Reliable Pricing Means Reliable Business

When we have pricing that is predictable, it allows for business development confidence, which can be difficult to achieve in traditional markets. In our innovative pricing model, it is clear that early-adopters will have the chance to stake on future business development model to sell their News Token Pool (NETP) network allocation to future investors, with a net profit based on the amount of business development over a certain period of time. During periods of heaving business development, the NETP token will net very solid, profitable returns.

The ROM allows for incremental pairing between “business development”, and the concept of time. This is important to help identify the value of the NEWS TOKEN POOL Network, which is used to pair against the USD in the pricing of services on the News Token Pool Network. The concept of pairing the USD to an asset or commodity is nothing new. We refer to these concepts as the gold standard, where the price of gold is compared to the USD. In all comparisons of assets and commodities, and equities, there is always a value measure to be considered. In the case of NETP, we use the value of our network as the variable commodity, or service to maintain stability between our service pricing and the value of our network in a rise only market situation. We look forward to growing our “business development” in the near future.

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