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News Token Pool

#NETP News Token Pool Update

News Token Pool Update

The NEWS Token Pool has been actively working behind the scenes to attract business development as it awaits the development of the HTML Bunker Listing.

Being one of the top priority tokens at the HTML Bunker listing, it will be added shortly after the exchange is up and running.

With the HTML Token listing less than a month away, some of the campaigns are in preparation to help create more use cases for NETP, as both a news service provider, and as a use case for payment for services.

Some of the most immediate payment for services will be issued during the early Twitter and Facebook Bounty Campaigns to help grow the number of Bunker Users. This is a win-win situation for the HTML Bunker, who will be looking to attract investors, and registrants, to trade on their exchange.

Over time, the use cases of NETP will grow along with the size of the HTML Bunker, through increased community engagement, and marketing outreach through strategic partnerships. Some of these strategic partnerships include a group of freelancing sites, as well as payment service sites, social media, and other higher level pr groups.

At present the marketing of the project has been stalled to about 30% of it’s optimal level since one of the primary goals is to get registrants the opportunity to buy NETP on the new exchange at a lower price level and to reward these early adopters as the business grows.

There is no doubt that the business will grow over time, as we are simply waiting for the main vehicle or driver of the business to be developed (HTML BUNKER), as without it, we cannot process our payments, which is the only thing that drives our business.

I spent a few weeks campaigning to ICO groups and the general result was that people were interested in advertising on our site, but not for $495 USD…However, they were willing to buy ad space, and were interested in using NETP as a form of payment.

This will all help add value to the business in the coming months, and allow for the blockchain to used across the payment network, and allowing for business to evolve and progress.

Approximately .5 BTC was removed from and invested into HTML, ETC, Waves, and held in BTC, which will be converted back to HTML and used as funding for buying back NETP tokens, as well as to help fund campaigns and cover costing measures.

In all honesty, we expect the price of NETP to grow in value over time, and this is because of the concept of decentralization. In the past, the tokens were in the form of shares, but now that they are on the blockchain, the mobility of the tokens, and the concept of decentralization will create the opportunity for many businesses using NETP, including Marketbarker and Dippli, to integrate the uses of these tokens as a form of payment for their businesses.

Coin Currency News will work to develop a use-case of payment for their team, which will have spin-off effects across all areas of the digital world. Once these items have been implemented and are operating uniquely, higher level business will bee sought in the form of integration with press release companies, who could then acquire NETP to essentially acquire much of the media space of the News Token Pool Network.

For now, we are simply getting some news ready for our launch, and would like everyone’s feedback about any ideas, or partnerships, to help grow the uses cas

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