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Saturn Protocol Set to Fly #ETC #DAO #etciscoming

The has successfully completed the launch of their ICO on the ETH network, where it uses two types of smart contracts.

One on the Ether Chain, and one on the ETC chain. As far as I know, this is the first of it’s kind to be deployed on the ETC chain, and even more sure that this is the first ETC dex of it’s kind, which can only mean good things for ETC users.

The ETC is Coming is coming hard and fast, and will likely prove to be a smart contract in itself for investors who want to jump aboard the fleet to Saturn.

Given that ETC has been around forever, and is the original Ether, there are some people thinking that a reverse osmosis could occur, where the reality of progress and development, and the billions of dollars invested into these programs could suddenly find its way back to the original code: ETC

While ETC is slated to be a top contender later in the year, it might just be a good time to participate in some of these early stage smart contracts since the price is just right.

I mean who doesn’t have 20 bucks for spaceship full of tokens?

Also check out the network to see the DEX in action.

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