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#htmlcoin gets in the gambling spirit

There are more things to do with htmlcoin than just trade them for money or other coins. In fact, here are some of the more fun and exciting things we have found across the internet, and of course, they all come from the much acclaimed Htmlcoin group.

First off, we have Bracket the the World Cup challenge!

This site is of Brazilian Design is a part of the fun and games from the Htmlcoin community.

Also active in the htmlcoin gambling community is the Biffy Mcbiffy team, where the satoshi’s can’t stop rolling.

Biffy Mcbiffy even has his own token, and you can bet that this little number will be a hit down the road if those entries keep rolling in.

This is just another excellent example of a use-case scenario for HTML, and some good website design and creative thinking from the Biffy team. Looks like this lottery will gain some momentum in the coming months as Biffy continues to grow his token outreach and lottery schemes!

Great work on the creative gambling sites coming from the HTML community! WOOT!

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