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NEWS Project Shareholders Update #NETP

Dear NEWS Shareholders,

We are one step closer to getting our NETP token listed on the HTMLBUNKER.

We have already produced the tokens on the Blockchain, and have tested the wallet, as well as organized a good business model for expansion.

Today, we submitted our final documents for listing, and pending our success, we will have our NETP token go live on the Html Bunker, where 10,000s of users will have access to buy our token.

We will also be doing promotional work for the HTML Bunker so we expect a lot of buy-in on our token from external sources, and the HTML community.

As a result, we are holding off on Dividends for NEWS holders this month, until we have finalized the listing of the token, where we will take a snapshot of NEWS holdings, and then pay 5 NETP to 1 NEWS.

So every NEWS share get you 5 NETP on the new exchange. For example, if you have 100,000 NEWS shares, you will get 500,000 NETP.

We will do manual transfer to all accountholders based on their holdings. Each user will have to register an account at the HTML Bunker Exchange, and create a deposit address, where we will send small amount and then full amount. These details will be entered using a Google Form.

Then we will have a blockchain token that can be sent, received, traded, or used for payment for goods and services. We are excited about the opportunity to finally have a good business model, as well as a functional blockchain token listed on an exchange.

Here are some of the specifications we reported today

For more information on the merger details, and how the projects will function going forward you can visit, which was recently updated.

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