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#ETC #EthereumClassic Is The Original #Ether?

YEs, it is true, ETC, or Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum, and has been quietly developing itself over the years to make a grand debut, and everyone is thinking, is now the time?

Is Ethereum Classic finally coming out of the closet?

Some say it’s going to go to $58.77 USD by mid july or sooner.

With over $400 Million USD in trade volume today, it will likely hit over a Billion in volume by the weekend and pass $25 USD per coin, or higher if the uptake passes the $20 price point.

While easily achievable, many folks are betting that the coinbase crew and other large exchanges are also rising the price because they want to buy and hold the coins and sell them at a higher price over the long term.

This is easily noticeable given that the interest from coinbase has drawn attention from American investors, while the recent listing on Binance on June 11, is also another major indicator that previous holders had been downplaying the coin.

While some are just buying on hype, the real hype will be when coinbase implement their selling features to their prime and premium account holders who invest millions, and by that time the price could be close to $50 or $100. But really, that is a low price compared to what we saw Ether do last year, moving from $20 to $50, then $70, then $200, then $800.

So who’s going to jump on this train and ride the wave?

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