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Rivetz and Windmill Team Up to Provide Blockchain Security for Enterprises

Rivetz and Windmill Team Up to Provide Blockchain Security for Enterprises

Windmill Enterprise, a provider of leading IT-solutions and developer of the Cognida Platform, will partner with decentralized mobile security pioneer, Rivetz. Leveraging Rivetz technology’s access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), or the private “vault” already built into the hardware of millions of mobile devices, Cognida can provide its enterprise customers with additional options for securing the private keys. The Cognida Platform brokers administration functionality, secure interaction with service providers, trusted relationships and distributed permissions, while providing blockchain agnostic integration so enterprises can utilize multiple blockchains and blockchain portability.

Cybersecurity Ventures anticipates that cybersecurity damages will total more than $6 trillion globally, up from $3 trillion in 2015. By leveraging the Cognida network, Rivetz will offer its customers more secure and seamless access to blockchain agnostic security tools. By adding Rivetz to its growing list of partners, the Cognida Network further showcases its focus on providing blockchain agnostic solutions for the enterprise.

“By combining the security and data integrity tools available with Rivetz and the Cognida Network, the two companies offer enterprise customers a flexible suite of tools to more easily secure identities and administer data permissions,” said Michael Hathaway, Co-Founder & CEO of Windmill Enterprise.

“Enterprises face the daunting challenge authenticating thousands of users in a plethora of environments and granting them the appropriate access to information,” said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz. “By joining forces with Windmill, we offer enterprises an easy-to-use solution that leverages the powerful cybersecurity capabilities of both TEE and the blockchain.”

Rivetz supports advanced security capabilities that provide owners with account-enhanced protection, assuring integrity of messaging and applications. Their technology provides verifiable security controls for blockchain transactions. The Rivetz solution leverages technology that is already built in to hundreds of millions of mobile devices to assure the keys and transactions cannot be altered or stolen by malware infecting the operating system.

The Cognida Network, expected to go live July 20th, is a secure service network layer that operates on top of the Internet. It establishes trusted service and data relationships between enterprises and service providers, enabling enterprise customers to administer and enforce their security policy requirements at each service interface on the network. This news follows the Company’s earlier reveal of the Cognida Network at the World Blockchain Forum.

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