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News Token Pool Launches Multi-Channel Marketing

News Token Pool Multi-Channel Press Release ($695 USD) for 1st multi-channel publication, and $100 for all future posts!

Our network of sites has global outreach, with operations in Canada, USA, Denmark, China, Vietnam, Russia, United Kingdom, and over 100s of thousands of viewers around the world. In fact, we cover every segment of the Bitcoin, Altcoin, and ICO markets, which gets your message to industry readers and investors around the world.

Going Faster, Farther, Harder, Than Any Single Site: The News Token Pool!

For only $650 USD we can offer you our multi-channel ICO or Press Release Option across our global crypto-network, potentially reaching over 1 Million Unique Viewers!!

See for yourself!

Here is just a sample of our outreach, with some of our more notable members featured. To get your news site featured, or to get your press release or ICO announcement launched, email

DIPPLI.COM – A European Leader In News

DIPPLI.COM – Over 200,000 viewers across it’s network, including aggregators, social media, and primary European investment audience.


MARKETBARKER.COM – The Source Of News For Wall St. and Beyond, from New York, NY.

The insider’s guide to crypto from the New York Team with 1000s of subscribers and viewers across social media, reddit, and much more…

ICOSBOOK: The Facebook of ICOS. If you have an ICO, you will want to have it here. Period.

The Facebook of ICOS, your ICO announcement will be placed at the top of the list, ensuring an excellent position to attract new investors from a niche group of VCs and angel investors looking to find new ICOs.

    Coin Currency News:

The First Cryptocurrency News Station Dedicated to Organic Growth, has served over 100,000 clients and continues to be the largest independent News site on the net.

Coin Currency News is one of the first Bitcoin and Altcoin news sites, pre-dating Coindesk, and many others, and has links to some of the largest Bitcoin investors in history. You will not want to miss having your press release on

Why use the News Token Pool?

Rather than just sharing your information on one website, with one social media group, we offer you the chance to get published across our diverse multi-channel network, which serves up media across all major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and much more!!

Realistically, we are the only news network to work with as we continue to expand and grow our outreach and disrupt the news market. In fact, since we are the first and foremost leader of achieving a consensus model of news, we are now having major news stations look to us for stories and content, making us one of the most innovative and unique news stations in the world. United we stand, and divided we fall, has always been our motto in an effort to achieve consensus, and it is with this vision that we cater to our clients to bring their messages to the world, and beyond.

Our media kit also offers you the opportunity to add a diverse group of accredited media sponsors to your company, which can be a great way to get credibility to your webpage as you try to get established.

Want more than just one press release? It is only $650 USD (or coin equivalent) for your first press release, and for each announcement after that into the future, we will only charge you $100, or your equivalent in Coin, with no added fees, as long as your account remains in good standing as our client.

Email now, or to learn more about the newstokenpool as an investor or partner, email

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