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News Token Pool (NETP) Syndication

NEWS Token Pool Press Release Syndication Program

NEWS Token Pool is proud to announce its newly created Press Release Syndication Program (PRSP). The program is open to all news sites that holds NEWS tokens, and to those that do not.

One of the fundamental principles the NEWS Token Pool builds on is growth for its pool members. In our line of business growth comes from one thing only, total page views per month. This is how our websites are rated, and this is what we have to sell to potential clients. More page views means more income and that is what fuels growth. We are aware that many of our members are underutilized and have capacity for a higher number of monthly views, but struggle with growing the reader base – we also have members that are doing quite well but still face stagnation or even decline.

There are two reasons for this. The first is market saturation. We are still operating in a niche market, but it is a market that is developing every day. This is not a difficult market to enter, anyone with a passion and some money in the pocket can easily set up a news site. This causes saturation in the market as we are diluting our common reader base. So unless we can attract new readers we will continue the dilution and growth will become more difficult.

The second reason is that we depend on cryptocurrency move away from being a niche / communities focused and begin to gain wider acceptance within the broader population. When this happens our user base will follow. An example of this is the Bitcoin craze, when it was at its highest everyone had daily views going through the roof. As it began to fade so did the daily views, and we are still in a downtrend heading toward finding out how big our true core base of viewers really is.

The PRSP is created with growth in mind by utilizing the NEWS Token Pool to its fullest extent to overcome this challenge we are facing. It is safe to say that each news site has its own unique core of readers, and a part of viewers they share with some of our colleagues within the community. By pooling our combined numbers we stack up some pretty impressive numbers – but as individuals the number becomes less impressive.

Pooling our combined resource to create growth for our entire member base, and even those that are not yet members is another fundamental principle the NEWS Token Pool builds on. So if we stand strong when we combine our resources today, then tomorrow when the market ease up we stand stronger as individuals – and even stronger as a united pool. Be sharing resource and accruing value in the pool each member will get a share that in turn will allow them to reinvest into their business and thereby grow.
The PRSP competitive advantage
Use the PRSP to promote press release sales on your own website. Showcase our combined number of page views per month to your potential customers to win them over. Buy your slot in pool and we will syndicate your press release in the network to maximize its reach. Press release referrals for syndication will be rewarded threefold. Your press release slot in the pool will come at a discounted price, you will get X NETP tokens in return and as a NEWS token holder you will benefit from the dividend payments.

Our commitment in the program to each of our members is that we will use our combined number to negotiate better ad deals, get our members into networks that otherwise would be out of reach and we will also secure press releases on our own. This is the advantage of the PRSP offer to you! If you are not already a member, then secure your spot in the pool by purchasing NEWS tokens.

One for all and all for one!

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