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ARCT lists on HitBTC, Opens Beta Platform

The Arbitrage Crypto Trader Platform is now open for people who want to download using a Windows or Mac, with Android coming soon.

As you know, we think this is a really cool feature, but are not technical enough at the moment to step up and earn the cash from the ARCT platform.

However, with the platform, it seems like buying a new computer and getting it setup with ARCT will pay itself off quickly.

We think this is a really cool project, and would love to hear about anyone who is using the platform to conduct arbitrage, and what exchanges you can work on.

In fact, we are going to try and download it.

Let us all know how this goes since the ARCT looks hot.

And, you can now buy ARCT on HitBTC, Mercatox, Yobit, and Etherdelta

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