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Bitcoin Passes $10,000 USD

Bitcoin is bullish again, recently passing the 10K mark.

Waves continues to also be a strong Altcoin, with many recent developments pushing it higher into the superior zone

Some of the advancements include the online Beta Waves Platform, as well as the new Windows and Mac clients, and the new complete ecosystem which makes Waves the fastest Blockchain.

“The basis of the Waves ecosystem is the Waves blockchain. This is PoS algorithm chain that can support up to 100 tx per second currently, thanks to recently implemented Waves-NG protocol, which makes it the fastest blockchain in production currently. Coupled with very cheap transactions and a unique feature of paying tx fees in custom tokens Waves blockchain becomes the optimal solution for a whole range of applications that require blockchains but can’t really use them due to low throughput or high transaction fees. Loyalty programs, payment solutions, gaming applications can get all the features they need on the Waves blockchain.”

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