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If you want to create hype, then drop Facebook into the conversation, especially if it comes to crypto currency adoption. A few weeks ago, we wrote an article on how Mooncoin would benefit Facebook, if it were adopted because it is fast, cheap, and has a very large supply, but the latest word on the trollboxes is that Litecoin may be the top choice for Facebook. The reason why Facebook would partner with Litecoin could be obvious for many reasons, but at this time, we don’t think it holds much water.

That said, there are many other websites that think the Facebook Litecoin partnership is just something that will happen since the surprising interest that is already taking place in the partnership. Although, there is no guarantee that the Facebook Litecoin partnership is a go-ahead move, you can bet that the price of Litecoin will go up on speculation and rumours of Facebook adopting Litecoin as its messenger and wallet system.

This may be a pivotal step for Facebook to get the edge on Telegram, as it has also been rumoured that the coin will be using a wallet messenger service.

As the race for technology usually goes, the one with the most money, or the fastest through the gate usually gets a market edge. This was made apparent by STEEM, or Steemit coin that moved from a few cents to its price of over $5 on the market today, proving that social media and crypto coins can have a strong and profitable relationship.

At this point, there is still a lot of room to move, and it is really surprising that Facebook hasn’t made the move into a currency yet, especially when they could make a ton of money on their coin, and remove some of their horrible ads that make their users so offended.

So what is the Facebook coin going to be? If it is Litecoin, will their be a re-brand?

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