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Bitcoin Faces Increased Scrutiny

China continues to be cautious about Bitcoin, and rumours are flying that some parts of the country have been banned when it comes to mining Bitcoin. The decision comes as part of a regulatory framework posed by regulators who do not want electricity and network power feeding the Bitcoin network..

This may come as a kick to some of the larger Bitcoin mining companies, and be part of the reason for the recent drawback in Bitcoin prices. Also the south korean agencies have been more regulatory on the tax regime regarding Bitcoin, and may be another reason for the decline of Bitcoin price.

It is clear now that Bitcoin is not going to be the choice for daily transactions, as the fees a simply much too high, but it is still a very popular coin for large purchases, collecting, and overall trading.

Other coins that are showing initiative are the EOS, EMC, ETH, and of course Doge, XRP, XLM, and BTS, which are all showing healthy prices following the gains of 2017.

2018 is already shaping up to be a dramatic year for Crypto, and it is sure to get more dramatic as the months roll on!

Bitcoin continues to trade in the $13,300 to $14,300 USD range.

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