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Shizzle Nizzle (SHNZ) 100,000 Token giveaway!

Shizzle Nizzle (SHNZ) MEME TOKEN 100,000 giveaway!

Watch out DOGE! The first MEME COIN running on the Ethereum blockchain is giving away 100,000 SHNZ EACH WEEK IN 2018!

Shizzle Nizzle is a fun, stylish, fast ERC-20 cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Shizzle Nizzle provides a refreshing note of humor from the seriousness in the cryptocurrency market.

You must own at least 3650 SHNZ in your own Ethereum wallet to qualify to win: Enter the giveaway on twitter here:

This is a brand new coin that has been trading for a short while. You can buy SHNZ at the EtherDelta exchange or the IDEX exchange.

You can also buy SHNZ from the smart contract, by sending Ethereum to the smart contract: 0x5C43dfe6Fb066AF16bcb2A0f35Bd904c330abA5B

Here is the website:

    The Token

Symbol: SHNZ
Token type: ERC20
Supply: 10,000,000,000
Decimals: 8
Contract : 0x8b0c9f462c239c963d8760105cbc935c63d85680

Compatible Wallets
Only use an Ethereum address that supports ERC-20 tokens. No exchange Ethereum address. Exchanges don’t support deposits from smart contracts.

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