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December 2017’s Market Frenzy

The flurry of trades going on the markets is about as summable as a commerce race on a global scale. Thing is, the banks might be investing billions of dollars to try and secure a global share of a forthcoming industry.

This is making the prices go wild, there is no doubt about that. Most people have sold their coins, or traded their coins, as Bitcoin continues to price itself out of the public’s buying market, and becoming more of an exclusive option for larger holders.

Other smaller coins are coming up in strength to fill the void that Bitcoin has left in the general market trading niche, as it continues to outprice itself from general coin trading practices.

ETHER, LTC, WAVES, and most commonly DOGE, have emerged as the secondary trading pairs most common across the most volumous exchanges, which will ultimately drive their prices up over time.

Other hot coins that are achieving great potential is Ethereum Classic. As Ethereum moves to the $1000 USD price point, and given that ETC is the original ETH, it will likely experience very high astronomic gains in the future, especially is the ETH market becomes too frothy.

Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Cash are also looking to increase their prices.

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