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Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic #UpTrend

Bitcoin Cash breaks $700 for the first time in months, and Ethereum Classic is pumping ahead of the #ETCsummit in China this weekend.

Y’all heard the Bitcoin Fork got cancelled right?

Well, it looks like Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold will absorb some of the previous month’s volume since holder’s will not be doubling up on the new fork, since it got cancelled, so the Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Gold are getting higher volumes.

Bitcoin prices gained $2000 per coin in the last month. This gain will likely recede since people were betting on the Segwit2X split, in anticipation of a coin matched dividend, but since it has been cancelled, this volume will likely go into other coins, particularly Bitcoin Gold, and less Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Gold has a higher innovation score since it uses GPU Mining and introduces the impact of hardware manufacturer buy-in, since it is still a wide-open field and utilizes different technology with the graphical processing feature.

This will add an interest that the original Bitcoin has lost since the ASICS market is now saturated.

A GPU unit has greater use application than an ASIC as a computational processor.

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