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Bitcoin Continues Ascension to $4000 USD

Bitcoin is just a few hundred dollars away from the $4000 USD price point, and is at an all time new high of $3750 USD, with over $2 Billion USD on the market volume.

The price of Bitcoin rises in the wake of many new ICOs coming on deck, and many people are realizing just how strong Bitcoin is, and many investors are hedging back into the coin, as it is clear that it is one of the most powerful coins, and one of the most valuable.

Surprisingly, many of the altcoins are remaining stable on the price side, when some analysts expected a downsell from investors trying to hedge back into BTC. However, many of the altcoins are actually making gains, especially Ether Coin, which has climbed over %20 since the Bitcoin Cash fork.

While some of the stronger coins remain well priced, many of the weaker coins are actually having a hard time keeping the aggressive pace Bitcoin recently set on the growth side, with over 6% on the day’s trades, and %20 on the week, it is clear the Bitcoin is a brave new coin, and operating very nicely following the Bitcoin Cash Fork.

So now the coin is close to $4000 USD, the question remains, how far will it continue to push upwards?

One of the surprising highlights is the price spread across the various exchanges, with the top price of Bitcoin being with the VRC/BTC pair on Poloniex at the top price of $13,250 USD per Bitcoin.

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