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Bitcoin stabilizes at $2200 USD per coin

Bitcoin recently touched the $2200 USD per coin price point, after trading in the $2200 to $2800 USD during the first two weeks of July. While it continues to be one of the more stable assets in the Cryptocurrency world, many investors may see the price climb into the latter half of the month if other altcoins continue to slide.

After a heavy investor push during May and June, when many altcoins doubled in price, the markets are slowly declining due to natural market behaviour, and depending on uptake, it may be August or September before some of the coins reach new heights…..Unless of course there major developments or new markets are opened.

If we take a look at the Dow Jones 100 Year Historical Chart we can see a perfectly normal looking chart.

And here are some of the international coin prices in a range of prices. For more details on your local currency, check out the webpage.

It is tough to say where the prices will go from here, but based on some analysts’ predictions, Bitcoin may be hitting the $5000 USD price point within a month due to the normative pattern illustrated by the supply and demand charts and market activity.

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