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DT Token (DRACO) Pumps and Dumps

DT Token experienced a major pump and dump over the weekend, pushing upwards to 25 cents before dropping back down to a couple cents. The coin, which has been quite quiet over the past few months surprised traders when it made a large volume and price gain Saturday, before settling back down to it’s current price point of around 2 cents.

Other surprising high volume price gainers are the CHC, or Chain Coin, sold on New Zealand’s Cryptopia markets.

Up over 1000% on the week, you can bet Chain Coin holders will be dumping on their holdings to make some quick profits.

In other news, Bitcoin is around $2500 USD, and is gaining more attention, as Airline Travel magazines are starting to market the coin to international travellers, as most recently seen in an Avianca airline magazine.

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Umer Asghar Khan July 12, 2017 at 00:18



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