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OpenLedger Grows, Passes 50,000 users

The OBITS leaders from the OpenLedger platform are growing quite substantially compared to previous year’s growth, and at over 5,000 users average sign-up per week in recent days, the exchange is sure to become one of the most popular investing platforms.

With tons of coins for sale, and the special OBITS, investor’s are able to receive perks from the OBITS Qora Gold share drop bonus, so OBITS holders will be happy about that, as well as new investors who may want to buy OBITS and buy before the end of the month buy and burn bonus.

Yes, that’s right, now is the time to buy OBITS and take advantage of an exclusive dividend in the form of QORA GOLD, according to the recent announcement from, where the list of customers and investors is growing substantially, positing OBITS as an excellent option possible short and long term gains. Check out how sweet this is!

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