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Mid-Month Markets Hedging

Looks like some investors are doing some mid-month hedging this month, with sporadic ranges moving across the board. Some of the leaders in the field are SIA, BTS, and of course Ether and Bitcoin.

Some new coins and projects are also hitting the table, giving investors some new wiggle room to move into new areas.

Thanks to increased volume, the markets are getting a lot more attention during the mid-month turmoil, and it seems like a perfect time to hedge into some of your favorite coins.

Ok, so what are some of your favorite coins to collect?

Lately, OBITS has been a good one for investors looking to take advantage of long term gains, and ETHER has been great for developers, as well as SIA coin, which is the coin tied to the cloud storage program.

There are tons of choices when it comes to altcoins, including RDD, MOON, and even obscure coins like COVAL.

The big thing now is how to hedge into coins that will remain above the game, and stay strong in light of financial turbulence.

Any suggestions?

Bitcoin is trading around $2432 USD.

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