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#OMNI Coin Price Jumps

OMNI coin is on a roll, and recently passed the $100 USD on some exchanges, up over 300% on the day’s trading.

OMNI coin is built on the Bitcoin Blockchain protocol, and is more connected to Bitcoin than other coins like Ether, which have their own Blockchain.

Check out their website!

In Other News….

Bitcoin declined after last week’s high of $2890 to a whopping $2230, where it continues to range within a few hundred dollar spread on the day trades, while ETH, Ether Coin recently made gains.

Some of the coins below their monthly trading average are Feather Coin, and Trump Coin, as well as Moneta, and some possible early month gains may be seen on OBITS into the early days of June as the OBITS share drops and buybacks occur.

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