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#Mooncoin starts to Moon, Bitcoin Jumps

Well, it is official, and we can now say we have seen it all now that Moon Coin is climbing above the 1 satoshi price point, and now sits at 3 cents on

In other news, Bitcoin has passed the $2500 USD price point, and is on an aggressive climb to keep pace with the other gains made by Ether and Ether Classic.

Lots of red on the Altcoins as people hedge back into Bitcoin during the price increase.

As people hedge back into Bitcoin, the market volume has reached a new all time record of close to 2 Billion on the day trades! Yay Bitcoin!

Part of the rise of Bitcoins is due to the popular demand of coin traders, low supply, and fun-time trading quality, which is great for coin collectors of all ages.

There has also been an increase on the Blockchain:

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