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#Bitshares Proving Their Worth

Bitshares are one of the main altcoins that have been around since the beginning. They have been around longer than Ripple, Stellar, and even Ether Coin, believe it or not. There was a time when Bitshares were priced around .00200000 BTC, whereas, they are now around .00002550 BTC. However, investors are starting to take notice of the advantage that Bitshares offers over other coins because of their transparent and Open Ledger. Being able to send Bitshares using vanity addresses, as well as tracking all transactions using the Open Ledger allows for seamless accounting, complete audit-tracking, and total verification of funds.

This places Bitshares and Obits (the parent of Bitshares) in a league of their own. While many users prefer the anonymity of non-traceable transactions, there are a growing number of users who enjoy tracking their payments, and not only that, it seems like Bitshares may be growing in popularity with recent advancements to the Bitshares platform which links it to Fiat markets using Automated Teller Machines in Europe?

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