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Bitcoin Blockchain Now Hiring!

While Bitcoin has been growing in price, it is now growing in popularity, and expanding it’s outreach into new markets, as well as growing it’s enterprise. After doing a recent review of the Blockchain Website, it is clear that the BTC Blockchain enterprise will continue to grow and develop, especially after taking a look at the Careers and Employment section.

Check out the Careers at the Blockchain and begin your new career in an interesting and dynamic sector.

There are now over 250 international coin exchanges offering Bitcoin as a trading pair against other currencies, positing it as one of the most recognized global currencies around the world. With recent average trade volume being close to 1 Billion USD daily, it is clear that the Bitcoin Blockchain is growing, as well as it’s popularity and price, which is probably why the Blockchain staff is growing as well.

So to our investors and traders, will Bitcoin pass $10,000 USD by 2018? Many have the coin marked at $5000 by July, and possibly even higher as market factors of supply and demand take a greater hold.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Bitcoin is now recognized as an official currency in Australia, where businesses will be protected and encouraged to do business.

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