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PivX Coin Price Rallies, Sia Coin vs. Google Cloud

    PivX Price Rally

After taking a small hiatus on the volume side, it seems like PivX is active again, with price gains making large strides in overnight trading pushing the price close to the $1.50 price point.

    Sia Coin vs. Google Cloud

In other news, Sia Coin is currently in pump mode as traders are seeing the advantages of Sia Tech, and it’s umbrella of technology, including the new logo, which has been part of a rebrand plan for some time now. In fact, many coins that have experienced large gains, such as PivX, have done so because of their logo changes and rebrand. While Sia Tech, or Sia Coin is below it’s all-time high over over 120 Satoshi, it has a strong business model, and appears to be one of the most under-rated performing coins.

In fact, Sia Tech is in competition with many large cloud service providers, and since it offers its users a chance to earn profits from coin gains, it has a strong upside potential for commercial investors, especially those looking for cloud-computing solutions.

For those looking for big data solutions, Sia Tech is going to become a global player!

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