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Bitcoin Price Increases, Dominance Lower

While Bitcoin has increased in price from it’s recent $150 moving range drop, the Market Cap dominance is still below 70%, down 20% from last month’s dominance levels of above 80%. This means two things, first the total market cap has increased, (around $28 Billion), up 7 Billion from last month,

And from the money in the market cap, about 20% has been invested into Altcoin, or other coin projects besides Bitcoin. This is an important step for many investors who are moving away from Bitcoin, which retained over 80% dominance levels over the past two years. Much of the influence from the top altcoins such as Ripple, Ether, Litecoin, DASH, and Ether Classic are the primary reasons for the market cap gains, as you can see that Ether now has a market cap that did push above 2 Billion USD when the price was higher last week.

OBITS has shown promise over the past few weeks as the OpenLedger Asset became listed on another exchange besides OpenLedger, particularly on, where the simple trading interface pushed the price to over 10 cents. Ronny and the OpenLedger team have also been very active growing the OpenLedger exchange, and ensuring investors that the long-term plan for OpenLedger is bright and promising, offering investors an early option to stake on this asset.

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