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#Gulden – A Coin With A Rocket On Its Butt

Gulden seems to be on a non-stop uptrend over the last two months, and doesn’t seem to be showing any intention of slowing down. While investors were waiting for the price to come back down, the wait has caused a possible loss of hundreds and even thousands of satoshi in just a few months since the coin moved from its average trading volume of around 400 satoshi over the 6 month period prior to September when it began trending up. Since September, it has been making daily gains, and is one of the few coins that shows no sign of slowing down.




One of the revolutionary and innovative characteristics of Gulden is its function to transfer Gulden into money via a wire directly to your bank account. Thus making it very simple to cashout the coins, and removes the need for a third party withdraw processors which are essential to many exchanges.

Take a look at this coin’s website to learn more about how it may just be on its way to the top.



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