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NAUT to PAR conversion, What?

There are a lot of questions surrounding the NAUT to PAR conversion, and many investors hardly know anything about it. Most of the digging we found turned up some information on Imgur from CEO Brian Kelly, and the PAR twitter feed. We have no idea whether the lack of news has driven NAUT down lately, or if it will start acting bullish once people learn about PAR. So far, not much has been communicated to investors about the amalgamation, but it seems like the DEV team is active, and the PAR project is in full swing.

PAR Project update from Brian Kelly 9.14

According to the Imgur post from BK, it looks like NAUT will be converted to PAR, which is also know as the Public Asset Record, which is being developed for capital pools, hedge funds, and charity organizations, and likely a lot more going on.

We look forward to developing this story and see how the conversions take place, and the impact it will have on the stock.

Here are some screenshots we captured from the above URLS.





So much for heading to the Greek Island for a holiday NAUT holders, however, this conversion may add value to stock, but we have to wait and see. 🙂

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