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#VIRTA – coin goes local (VTA)

Use VirtaCoin and save!

Virta is making some serious gains with the new release of its wallet, which is an international payment system for global merchants, and is one of the best coins according many Virta users.

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Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 7.14.23 PMCheck out Virta Coin, one of the more interesting coins that is actively becoming a popular choice for coin traders.

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Virta also has many wallets to choose from, as well as plenty of supporting sites, and seems to be one of the most under-rated coins at the moment based on its price to adoption ratio.!crypto
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Most of the sales from Virtacoin have been coming from the Virta Coin World, which is the local system where Virta is used as the local currency. — Yet another Virta Coin site. It seems like this is a pretty interesting community and that the Virta Coin has some interesting users who know alot about business and web development, as well as can appreciate the value of a good coin, and will it be listed on larger exchanges? Or, continue to grow organically?

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