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Diamond Trades on Bittrex

It looks like DMD, or Diamond has become exclusive to Bittrex, and with under 2,000,000 Diamonds in the supply, it is no wonder that Diamond is gaining ground while Bitcoin and Litecoin continue getting sold off in the day’s trading. DMD has been around for awhile, and was previously listed on Cryptopia, and Alcurex, as well as Bittrex, but since if recently had a wallet upgrade, Cryptopia hasn’t been able to remain a provider, and Bittrex is now one of the exclusive sellers. There is no idea whether Alcurex will carry DMD since they recently upgraded and haven’t listed DMD, so if Bittrex remains the sole provider, then this could drive up the price, especially since there are limited quantities for sale on Bittrex.

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Screen shot 2016-06-22 at 4.47.48 PM — what a dazzling website!

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