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Riding The Waves #cybersecurity #economist

After recently attending a summit on Cybersecurity, one of the topics being Bitcoin and Altcoins, some possible scenarios were introduced that could impact the adoption of altcoins as a mainsteam model of economic trade. Here are the top 3 factors:

Ebola, Swine Flu, Natural Disasters

Pandemic Diseases that can be transferred by handling of money. In the case where deadly viruses can be transferred either via bodily fluids, or airborne methods, using fiat can be a means of virus transfer, and may lead to digital currency uptake. While this hasn’t been a direct factor in areas where diseases and devastation were rampant, altcoin payment systems offer automated payment alternatives where emergency situations are present. These could even be present for natural disasters and other environmental disasters.

    Counterfeiting the fiat money supply:

If money were produced on a large scale level of counterfeiting, then it would cause distrust in the fiat system, as well as be a hassle, especially if the money was fake.

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    Hacking the bank’s computers:

If the major banking systems were hacked, then this could possibly impact the price of bitcoins and altcoins.

Beyond these two major scenarios, other non-threatening possibilities that could impact the adoption and pricing are:

)government sponsorship
)industry adoption
)new business models
)international trading deals
)individual interest
)technical interests
)economic interests

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